San Antonio won't bid on 2020 GOP convention

San Antonio won't bid on 2020 GOP convention

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The city of San Antonio has chosen not to pursue a bid to host the 2020 Republican National Convention, leaving Charlotte as the only city that is openly bidding on the event.

Last week, San Antonio officials confirmed they were looking at a possible last-minute bid to act as the host city, but that ended Thursday afternoon during an executive session of the city council.

The council met and reportedly came to a consensus not to pursue the convention. There was not a formal vote.

"The City Council received a complete briefing on the requirements to host the Republican National Convention. I will share that the City Council, as a whole, doesn't feel that a bid for the RNC is worth it," mayor Ron Nirenberg said Thursday. "There's a reason that San Antonio has not pursued a political convention for the past 20 years and why so few cities seem interested in this convention."

City officials told WBTV that Nirenberg was citing disruptions to traffic and neighborhoods.

San Antonio was contacted in February about submitting a bid, city officials said. Charlotte, which officially submitted a bid in early April, was initially contacted about bidding for the event in December.

San Antonio has submitted bids to host national conventions in the past but has never been selected as the host city for either political party. Charlotte hosted the Democratic National Convention in 2012.

Officials from the National GOP have not been able to comment on the bidding process for the Republican National Convention, including the deadline for proposals or how many other cities are in the running to host.

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