Cleveland County coming together for Chasity Phillips

Cleveland County coming together for Chasity Phillips
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  1. This gorgeous woman has five young children.
  2. Her home of Cleveland County is rallying behind her.
  3. Her husband, friends say, is just trying to hold on. Not one person can blame him.

CLEVELAND COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Chasity Phillips is only 30 years old. She married her high school sweetheart, Josh, and they five kids that range in age from 8-months to 9 years old.

A week before Christmas she was diagnosed with small cell neuroendocrine carcinoma. Chemo began in January.

It's not working. Not well enough. Her tumors aren't shrinking.

Last month she noticed a small bump on the back of her head. It's now the size of her palm. Doctors say, "incurable."

Friends say she's trying. The medicine is tough. Her exhaustion is big. She can no longer take care of her children and can't hold her youngest.

Through fundraisers and home care, friends and family are stepping in as much as they can.

Just last week Chasity agreed to let Hospice come to her home in Mooresboro.

"Chastity is one of the most sentimental, strong, smart – I could keep going – women I have had the pleasure of knowing in my lifetime," wrote one friend.

"My third grader goes to school with her oldest child," wrote another. "We have had some very hard conversations this weekend with many tears. None of us can even process it."

"It absolutely breaks all of our hearts," wrote someone else.

Many viewers have emailed about Chasity. If you're reading this Chasity, know that you are loved.

Two upcoming events will donate 100 percent of proceeds to the family. I'll put a flyer for each one below in comments; one is a BBQ this weekend at Boiling Springs Baptist Church.

"We are fighting for her," wrote yet a fourth friend in a long descriptive email. "She is a fighter, but we know time is limited. She is hard to write about because it all seems so unfair. In fact, I'm glad you can't see me after typing this note. I look like Alice Cooper."

Real life doesn't always make sense, but it's still real life. Chasity's friends say they'd hang the moon for her, and her husband and children – Gavin, Corbin, Alayna, Lydia, and Ian – deserve the world.

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