Man accused of killing police officer's son has bond request denied

14-year-old Anthony Frazier (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police)
14-year-old Anthony Frazier (Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Mangasha Clark has been sitting in the Mecklenburg County Jail without bond since April 2017, when he was arrested and charged with murder in the death of 14-year-old Anthony Frazier in Charlotte.

Thursday afternoon, the 20-year-old and his defense attorney went before a judge to try and make a case for bond.

However, Assistant District Attorney Heidi Perlman told the judge that "based on the nature of these charges and the fact that we are in trial posture in this case we would ask that the bond not be given in this case."

Perlman said that on January 2, 2017, young Anthony Frazier - who was in town visiting relatives - was in the front passenger seat while his uncle was driving and his aunt and cousin were in the back seats. The relatives were returning to their home on Finchley Drive after celebrating Anthony's recent 14th birthday.

At the time of Anthony's death, his father was a Kannapolis Police officer.

"As the car was approaching Mr. Brown's home, he saw two individuals standing in his front yard – the defendant and co-defendant, Reginald Edmonds. Mr. Brown slowed down and went a little bit past his driveway just to look to see what was going on," Perlman said. "And when it appeared that the two defendants were running off, he started to back up so he could pull into his driveway and go into his home. At that time, this defendant pulled out a gun and fired a shot that entered the vehicle, striking the victim in the head."

The family drove to a nearby gas station to get help. Anthony died the next day at the hospital.

The prosecutor told the judge that "the gun used to kill the victim had been stolen about a day before from another breaking and entering and the defendants fled, and they also fled that day in a stolen vehicle."

Perlman said a woman came forward months later and told police that on the night of the murder she was at a motel when Clark and Edmonds showed up to the room.

"This defendant was telling people in the room about the recent incident. He said they were breaking into houses and that he fired off his gun at a car as they were leaving the scene. She also says the co-defendant took the gun from this defendant and said I don't want you shooting anyone else, to which this defendant replied it was fun."

Perlman said the witness told investigators that "the co-defendant encouraged this defendant to stop talking about the incident in front of others and that ended that night."

The prosecution says when police found Edmonds, he voluntarily went to the law enforcement center to talk with investigators, and eventually told them what happened.

"He admitted the two of them were breaking into houses in the area and they were attempting to break into the uncle's home that day," Perlman told the judge. "They saw the car roll up and this defendant fired a shot at the vehicle. He said he also gave other information about this defendant trying to deposit stolen checks and shooting at another person at another location."

Perlman added, "Co-defendant Edmonds took the murder weapon from this defendant and sold it to another person to get rid of it afterward."

"You heard nothing about video, nothing about DNA, nothing about having a gun that they were able to match to any casing or anything like that," defense attorney Gregory Tosi said. "All they have in this case are two witnesses."

The defense asked the judge to grant bond because of a lack of evidence and credibility issues with the co-defendant and witness.

"The only person who can put Mr. Clark in any of those places is Mr. Edmonds, who had been charged with accessory after the fact," Tosi told the judge.

He added, "About a month and a half ago, a month ago, I received a letter from Mr. Edmonds that was witnessed by folks at the jail saying he made everything up when he talked to the police. His main focus that night was trying to get home. So, your honor, we contend there's some severe credibility issues with the two witnesses in this case, and that's all the state has to rely on to get this case to go forward."

Tosi says Clark is not a flight risk and is the one who supported his family with a full-time job.

The judge refused to grant bond.

Clark's trial will likely begin sometime in 2019.

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