What makes WBTV's weather team Charlotte's 'Certified Most Accurate'

What makes WBTV's weather team Charlotte's 'Certified Most Accurate'

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - For the third consecutive year, the WBTV First Alert Weather team has been certified as the most accurate local forecast for the Charlotte designated market area.  In fact, the data shows that WBTV has one of the most accurate meteorology teams in the nation.  Please forgive me if that sounds boastful.  It's simply a point of pride for me because I am fortunate to work with some of the best meteorologists in television here at WBTV and I'd like to explain what that means for you.

The "certified most accurate" messages that you often see from our marketing team are not hype.  It's objectively declared by WeatheRate, the only independent weather forecast verification company in the United States.  WeatheRate uses patented software to compare local forecasts with observed conditions to determine who is most accurate each day in television markets across the country.  If anyone else is telling you they are more accurate than WBTV, I'm sorry.  They have no data to back that up.

Local television stations spend a lot of time and money talking about the weather, but we know that the best way we can be "on your side" is to get the forecast right.  It helps you plan your life, and it also keeps you prepared when severe weather threatens your safety.

Weather information is everywhere these days.  We understand that your phone comes with it already on the screen.  But, we focus on helping you with critical information like the exact timing of the arrival and departure of disruptive weather.  We can help you prepare for the garden-variety thunder shower versus a dangerous, damaging thunderstorm.  This extra detail and customization are where we work daily to separate ourselves on WBTV First Alert Weather forecasts, wbtv.com/weather and the WBTV First Alert Weather app.

We take that very seriously.  Everyone on our five-meteorologist team plays a direct role in analyzing and interpreting the data.  I am WBTV's Chief Meteorologist, but I never dictate our forecast to my team.  I rely heavily on my fellow meteorologists to call their own forecasts and appreciate our ability to collaborate on what we ultimately share with you.  We want to be precise – especially when tracking dangerous systems.  That's where our First Alert Doppler Radar Network comes into play.  With five powerful radar units scanning the skies of western North and South Carolina, as well as a local unit in northern Mecklenburg County, we have the best angle on every possible storm, no matter its location.

Experience helps, too.  Al Conklin and I share 55 years' worth of forecasting experience right here in Charlotte.  That matters because this region of the world has very unique weather patterns and we've nearly seen it all.  Combined with the excellent perspectives of Lyndsay Tapases, Leigh Brock, and Chris Larson, I'm proud to say we have one of the best teams of meteorologists in the country using our tools and technology.

The most experience.  The most powerful technology.  The certified most accurate forecast.  When you choose where to get your weather information, we hope you choose WBTV First Alert Weather for those reasons.  I thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about how we work hard to be "on your side" and would love to hear from you!