Forever Family: Jayden

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Meet Jayden, this week's Forever Family child!

I spent time with Jayden at a trampoline place called Defy Gravity.

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to defy gravity and I landed on my thumb wrong and sprained it.

Jayden took full advantage of my handicap and sprayed me with dodge balls while I helplessly resisted.

Of course if you watch this video clip, you'll realize there isn't a mean bone in his adorable body!

In fact he's about the cutest little boy you'll encounter in a long time.

Jayden doesn't have a mom or a dad.  Interested?  Know someone?

Please give Jayden the same chance my mom did when she adopted me.  Help him find a loving home.

Oh, and he would love to have some more dodge ball targets!!

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