VIDEO: Tanker truck crashes into utility pole, sparks fly

BOURNE, Mass. (WBTV) - A truck driver says a bird was to blame for a crash in Massachusetts over the weekend that was caught on another driver's dash cam.

Bourne Police released footage of the crash on Facebook on Tuesday.

In the video, the tanker carrying nearly 12,000 gallons of fuel can be seen leaving the road and crashing into a utility pole, causing sparks to fly. The truck then swerves back across two lanes of traffic before coming to a stop on the opposite side of the road.

According to police, the 63-year-old driver said a bird flew inside the cab and hit his head. No one was injured in the crash.

Police say they watched the video and were not able to confirm the story about the bird. They say the driver did not swerve, as if he had been startled, but slowly traveled across multiple lanes without braking.

The truck driver was cited for reckless operation of a motor vehicle and failure to stay within marked lanes.

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