Local food pantry, soup kitchen asking backyard gardeners to help

MORGANTON, NC (WBTV) - With backyard gardens starting to take shape in the Carolinas one ministry that has a food pantry and soup kitchen is reaching out to hobby farmers for help.

"We'd like for them to plant a row for BUCM," said Burke United Christian Ministries Executive Director David Burleson.

Fresh produce makes a big difference in what they can offer people in need, Burleson says.

Any produce will work from green beans to cabbage, to corn and more. Local grocery stores do contribute some to the ministry but they need more, Burleson added.

He's hoping people will collect any extra fresh fruits or vegetables they grow and donate them.

"We will even come pick it up," he said.

The "Plant a Row" idea had been tried many years ago without much success but Burleson says a new push could make it work this time around.

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