Video shows race car ride guardrail 'like a skateboard' before crash at NC track

Video shows race car ride guardrail 'like a skateboard' before crash at NC track
The video posted on social media shows the car riding a guardrail before it flew over at a Winston-Salem track. (Credit: Screenshot of Facebook video courtesy of Erika Norris Church)

CHARLOTTE, NC (Mark Price/The Charlotte Observer) - Video captured Saturday at Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem shows fans got lucky when a car flew over the guardrail and landed just feet from the grandstand.

"Oh my God," one fan is heard saying, as a car collided with another in the front stretch, climbed the fence, slid over the top and came to rest between the stands and the track.

The driver was Dwayne Bryant in his #15 Stadium Stock Mustang, reported TV station WXII. The station reported he rode the wall "like it was a Tony Hawk skateboard" before crashing on the other side, resulting in a red flag.

"Didn't have a scratch on me," Bryant told WFMY. The car is a different story, however. Bryant told WFMY it's going to take a lot of work and new parts to get it back into racing shape.

The video was captured and posted online by fan Erika Norris Church, reported Fox8. Another fan, Jack Smallwood of Kernersville, posted video of two cranes lifting the car back onto the track. "Car went completely over the wall!!" Smallwood posted on Facebook.

WFMY reports the track issued a statement noting what occurred on Saturday "wasn't a danger to fans but was instead our safety systems working as intended to ensure that fans were kept safe."

The track has a protective guard rail, then a high concrete wall several feet behind that separating fans from the track, reported WFMY.