North Stanly HS seniors with special needs crowned prom king, queen

STANLY COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Stanly County high school students were so determined to vote two students prom king and queen, some took their own names off the ballot.

North Stanly High School seniors created memories to last a lifetime for two classmates that are part of the school's exceptional student class.

"Everything's a king joke," Alicia Lowder, who is Zack Lowder's mom, says. "He wants us to stand and to bow."

Zack Lowder has barely taken his crown off since he was named prom king Saturday night. It is the same for queen Cassidy Covington.

"[They] gave them a moment, a magic evening that you'll never have again," Covington's mom, Gwen Kirkpatrick, says.

The word about the students' plan started buzzing around the halls late last week. "You hear the kids talking, 'Oh my god, you need to vote for Zach, you need to vote for Cassidy,'" John Williams, who is a teacher at the school, said.

Williams says the idea to vote for these two students was led by their peers.

"You have days where you're like, 'Why am I in this classroom,' and then you see stuff like this, with the kids that is so touching, and you're like, okay. That's the reason," Williams says.

For Ryan Lowder, this cap on his son's senior year shows the inclusion he has been met with there since kindergarten. "That's touching to me," Lowder says. "That kids are like that nowadays and they need to be celebrated that they're like that."

It is certainly not the first act of kindness the two have received within the high school halls, but it is the one just about everyone will remember the most.

"Just to know there's good people out there," Kirkpatrick says emotionally. "And when you have a special child, you keep them a little closer to you. You just never know who's going to treat them certain ways."

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