Outdoor plans risky as high water levels cause safety issues

Outdoor plans risky as high water levels cause safety issues

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - With a shining sun and blue skies, many are itching to get outdoors while there's still plenty of sunshine left in the weekend.

However, there are still many risks for those who have plans to be on the water while enjoying the nice weather.

Because there was so much rainfall earlier in the week, some rivers are off limits to keep people safe.

When it starts to heat up, you may find many people like Javier Gillette who are looking for ways to soak up that sun.

"I was actually planning on going kayaking," Gillette said.

Any plans to be in the water must be put on hold.

In Rock Hill, the riverwalk entrance is closed off and other counties have issued warnings for the time being to keep citizens safe.

Officials don't want people to find themselves in a scary situation since so much rain has hit the area over the last few days which has caused water levels to be higher than normal.

On Wednesday, one kayaker had to be rescued out of the Catawba River by emergency crews after he got stuck on a pile of debris.

Even with those risks, some people are still so anxious to ride the waves.

Until the flow of water is easier to manage, people will have to settle for the next best thing and just enjoy the view.

With that in mind, there's really no surprise as to what a lot of people have planned once we're out of this rainy season.

Crews in Rock Hill will be releasing water over the weekend, and if the water levels don't drop significantly the river will remain closed.

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