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Oh the irony! Risk and insurance professionals host dodgeball tourney

(Kristen Hampton/WBTV) (Kristen Hampton/WBTV)

Safety is a cornerstone of the risk and insurance industries, but caution is tossed to the wind when it’s for a cause that helps others.

Friday afternoon, dozens of industry professionals from all over Charlotte came out to the 7th Annual Community Matters Dodgeball Tournament.

This years’ tourney has raised more than $75,000 to support the construction of a new community gathering space and coffee house at The Charlotte Rescue Mission.

“We have a ton of fun but more importantly we raise a ton of money and make a huge difference in our community,” said event organizer Angela Matherly.

While a direct hit from an opponent’s ball does sting, the event has never seen anyone seriously injured. The smiles and the fun are rampant though.

And it’s all for a good cause. The Community Matters group has raised more than $200,000 with other fundraising efforts.

All of that money will go towards the construction of the new coffee house.

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