Squatter's camp discovered on NC DOT property, despite 'no trespassing' signs

Squatter's camp discovered on NC DOT property, despite 'no trespassing' signs

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - In a cherished urban environmnent where high rise apartments and upscale condos fetch top dollar, one group has taken over a place where the rent is free.

One person who lives in a tent near an 11th and Brevard home wouldn't give us his name, but he's clearly aware of the sign near the entrance of his camp ground that says no trespassing, and that his tent is on state DOT property.

" I do understand, but I don't think it bothers nobody," he said." We don't bother nobody. We try to keep the place halfway clean."

Concern comes from Sudeep Vyas. His family business Richa Graphics is just across the Lynx Blue rail line.

"To see encampments like that is just a little bit concerning.We have a lot of young employees, female employees that may not be the best at protecting themselves in certain environments at certain times of the day," Vyas said.

Occupancy doesn't appear to be a priority for the Department of Transportation.

"It is up to local law enforcement, whoever has jurisdiction in this area," David Uchiyama, an NC DOT spokesperson, said in a statement

Meanwhile, individuals staying in four tents night after night are hoping their fortunes soon will change.

The one person there who felt comfortable in talking to us said, "All we want to be is to be left alone. Just let us live our lives, and let us get on with our lives until we can be left alone, until we can get on our feet and do better."

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