City crews work to clear storm drains after week of heavy rain

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Workers from the Charlotte Department of Transportation were hard at work Thursday clearing storm drains of debris. Storms from earlier in the week brought floodwaters to city streets and resulted in some storm drains becoming clogged with debris.

Alyssa Dodd, a public information specialist with Charlotte Storm Water Services, spoke about the cleanup efforts in a phone interview Thursday evening.

"Part of that is seeing after it rains where that debris is located and trying to pick it up and clear it and move it away from the drains so it doesn't happen the next time it rains," said Dodd.

Dodd said there are more than 150,000 storm drains throughout the city of Charlotte. Crews were working to during the day to get the drains cleared before more rain moved into the area Thursday evening.

"Any time before we know rain is coming we want to be clearing blockages and we really appreciate residents help if they are able to do that if they have a storm drain in front of their home," said Dodd.

She said the city got an influx in calls related to blocked drains after the heavy rains that fell earlier in the week.

Dodd said residents will notice the water backup if a drain becomes clogged. She asks that residents do their part to help keep the drains clear.

Dodd said residents should call 311 if they are unable to clear a drain themselves.

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