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Lake Norman Marine Commission issues advisory to warn boaters of increase debris

(Kristi O'Connor | WBTV) (Kristi O'Connor | WBTV)

Following heavy rain in the Charlotte area this week, the Lake Norman Marine Commission has issued an advisory to warn boaters of increased amounts of debris in the water.

The advisory reads, in part:

Due to the significant rainfall we have received over the past few days, Lake Norman is nearly at full pond, or in the case of some of the other lakes in the Catawba/Wateree river basin, above full pond.  The elevated lake levels have significantly increased the amount of debris in all of the lakes in the Catawba/Wateree river basin.

The Lake Norman Marine Commission (LNMC) advises that due to the greater than normal amount of debris in the water, boaters should use extreme caution during daylight hours, and highly discourages dusk to dawn boating which is currently extremely dangerous.

Marine Manager at the Peninsula Yacht Club Harry Smith says most boaters enjoy high lake levels.

“With the water the way it is now, we don’t really need to worry about the shoals that are out there,” Smith said.

Because hitting bottom or the banks is less common during high lake levels, he says boaters are often less cautious. But he says the one negative of high lake levels is the debris that can get pulled into the water and is difficult to spot.

“It could be anywhere, especially with boaters turning the water up,” Smith said. “It could be dock board, floats could come dislodged, tree limbs.”

He says it is not enough of a concern to keep boaters off the water, but something to be aware of before going on the lake.

“There is lots of small wood that’s not going to hurt a boat," Smith said, "but if someone is skiing or something it could hurt them.”

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