Flood waters cause health, safety concerns for Irwin Academic Center parents

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Children waded through moving water and parents and teachers rush out to save their cars from the rising flood at Irwin Academic Center.

Parents say these floodwaters take over the outside portion of campus every time there's a heavy rain.

"Water came from the creek there and came across," mom Emily Dockery says.

Dockery was volunteering at the school on Tuesday when the downpour dropped buckets on the area.

"We heard an announcement from the school secretary that if your car was in the school parking lot, you needed to move it," Dockery said.

Photos Dockery took Tuesday show the whole area covered in water. She says the adults were out in it, several including her up to their knees, trying to save cars - which happens every time there are severe showers.

"I'm just concerned that our kids are in danger," Dockery said, "and our vehicles, our property are getting damaged."

The neighboring creek is brimming with debris - a tossed toilet, abandoned basketball, and other unidentifiable gobs of garbage.

"The city has come out and taken a look at it," Dockery said, "but we haven't solved any problems yet."

WBTV reached out to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Wednesday afternoon. A representative said they would check into the issue. As of early Wednesday evening, we have not heard anything further.

When we contacted the county, they pointed us back to CMS.

Meanwhile, Dockery does not want to see another day like Tuesday.

"You have your kid walking through moving water," she said. "That just seems really dangerous."

Dockery also showed us a huge puddle near the kids' playground, the students themselves have titled "Lake Irwin," because it "never really dries up."

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