Disabled cyclists make their way from Maine to Florida on inspiring journey

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Imagine riding a bike from Maine to Florida. Now imagine riding that bike when you're paralyzed.

Pine to Palms Bicycle Ride features disabled or injured veterans. Wednesday morning, the ride stopped right here in Charlotte. Their mission is to show everybody physical barriers don't have to slow you down.

The group of 14 cyclists is made up of disabled, paralyzed, and able-bodied riders. The group is about halfway through their 2,200-mile bike ride from Lubec, Maine, to Key West, Florida.

They're halfway to their goal of showing people you can overcome the word "can't."

Robbie Parks has been in a wheelchair for 35 years with a spinal injury. He rides an adapted bike he pedals with his hands.

"I think we hold ourselves back way more than we should. Because we all have it within us to do whatever we want," Parks said, "you just have to find ways to make it happen."

This distance for Parks is almost a piece of cake. He's actually ridden a bike from California to North Carolina.

As part of the Adaptive Sports and Adventures Program at Carolinas Rehabilitation, he's hoping to encourage others to come along for the ride.

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