VIDEO: NC man rescued from Irish castle after suffering heart attack

DUBLIN (WBTV) - An Indian Trail man had to be rescued from the top of a castle in Ireland after he suffered from a heart attack while visiting on vacation.

David Motte and his wife, Joy, were visiting Blarney Castle last Friday when the 59-year-old suffered cardiac arrest while making the trip to kiss the famous Blarney Stone. He began having medical issues just yards from the top of the castle.

"I'm a man who may have been dead walking," Motte told TV3 News in Dublin. "I just can't comprehend it."

A Coast Guard helicopter was called in to airlift Motte out of the castle and rushed him to the hospital.

"I do know that I knew that I was gone. I knew that," he said. "I also knew that where I was I was very happy being there. And I also know the only traumatic part of this whole experience was when I, and for lack of a better term, is when the fighter in me was fighting to come back and wake back up, was there was a fear there."

First responders used a defibrillator to bring David back to life. He says he still has some unfinished business.

"God willing, I come back and that I'm able, I will climb the stairs and I will kiss the stone," he said. "And Joy will tell you this. The one thing I talked about probably the month before we came here was I want to kiss the Blarney Stone. So hey, the luck of the Irish, right?"

Motte and his wife have been married for 34 years.

"I have a wife I love more than anything else in the world. And a family that I cherish," Motte said. "I have a 4-year-old grandson who thinks I hang the moon. And I get to go back and see him. Thank you for every first responder. Thank you, because my grandson wouldn't have a papa if it weren't for you."

David and his wife are set to come back to the U.S. Thursday.

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