Former NFL players, WFNZ hosts make pre-draft picks

Former NFL players, WFNZ hosts make pre-draft picks

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - WBTV recently attended WFNZ's Pre-Draft party to talk with former NFL players and WFNZ hosts about the upcoming NFL draft, which kicks off on April 26 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

The players and hosts gave us their take on what they foresee the Panthers doing with their 1st round pick at number 24.

Frank Garcia, former Panthers center and co-host of 'Garcia & Bailey'

"I think there's a lot of needs on this team, obviously. I think one of the ways you kinda take some pressure off of Cam is get him a running game, get him another tight end, somebody on the offensive side to alleviate some of the productivity that he has to use and gain."

His pick: A running back or tight end.

Dre Bly, College football Hall-of-Famer and Super Bowl champion

"I think the one thing they lack is explosiveness on offense."

His pick: Cornerback, Mike Hughes.

Chris Kroeger, WFNZ host of 'Kroeger in the Midday'

"It's wide open I think when you look at what might happen at 24. There's so many variables. We are talking about five quarterbacks who could come off the board, maybe all in the top ten of the draft. Beyond that, you're talking about running backs that are being really valued right now."

His pick: Tight end, Hayden Hurst.

Damione Lewis, former Panthers defensive end

"I think the focus is going to be on defense."

His pick: A safety.

Kyle Bailey, WFNZ co-host of 'Garcia & Bailey'

"I would like to see them take a running back. I would like to see them take Darius Geist out of LSU. I love the kid. He's got a great story, and he's a phenomenal runner. I think they need another style running back and I think he would mesh well with Christian McCaffrey in the backfield along with Cam."

His pick: Running back, Darius Geist.

The Panthers also hold picks in the second round (55th), third round (85th - acquired from Buffalo, 88th), fifth round (161st), sixth round (197th), seventh round (234th - acquired from the Chargers through Buffalo), and seventh round (242nd).

The draft concludes on April 28.

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