Veteran gets help from VA after WBTV investigation

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A local veteran got assistance from the VA after calling WBTV out of frustration that he hadn't been able to get help sooner.

Steven Hudspeth called the station in February after trying, unsuccessfully, to find someone at the VA who could help him sign up for the burn pit registry.

The registry is an electronic database of veterans who were exposed to burn pits while serving in the military.

Burn pits, which are used to dispose of any number of things in combat areas, are now known to be a possible cause of serious health problems.

Hudspeth was exposed to burn pits during his time serving with the North Carolina National Guard in Iraq during the Gulf War.

Before our story aired, Hudspeth had been unable to sign up for the registry because he did not have a computer and did not know how to use one. He had hoped someone at the VA would be able to fill out the electronic form on his behalf but, he said, everywhere he asked, he was pointed to someone else.

After our story, Hudspeth said, someone from the VA called him immediately and scheduled him for a screening with a doctor.

He is now on the burn pit registry, which may help him get care for any future medical conditions known to be connected to burn pit exposure.

Click here for more information about the burn pit registry.

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