Victims, gunmen identified in fatal shooting at a Union County hotel

Victims, gunmen identified in fatal shooting at a Union County hotel

UNION COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Officials are conducting a homicide investigation after Union County police found one person dead and three others injured at a hotel.

According to a report, officials say they responded to the Relax Inn on U.S. 74 around 1 a.m. Sunday morning and found one male dead, later identified as Vashawn Colston, on the scene.

Terrence Wingo was shot in the arm and back and is in serious but stable condition. Christian Cole received several gunshots to his body including his neck and back. Cole is in the intensive care unit and is in "very critical" condition. Montavis Huntley was initially brought to the police department for questioning where he realized he had been shot in the leg and was sent to the hospital shortly after.

Marcus Elliot described what the hotel looked like hours after police had cleared the scene,"Taped up windows, cleaned up still looks like a crime scene."

Marcus Elliot is in Monroe on a business trip with several of his coworkers and Sunday was supposed to be a day of relaxation before they all start work on Monday, but it was the complete opposite. The men were shocked to walk into a crime scene moments after they checked in.

"It's very concerning," he added.

According to police the two shooters were Colston and Cole.

Rodney Clark is also in Monroe for business. He says while checking in, he had no idea that any of this had happened and the hotel workers didn't tell him and other guests what was going on.

He says he's disappointed in the lack of information and if he had known, he'd be sleeping somewhere else.

"Man we would've been in the truck."

The group of men who are in town for work, say they will be watching each other's back while staying at the hotel.

There are still questions about why the shooting happened in the first place and what the relationship was for of all of the men involved as the investigation continues.

Officials say they are reviewing video from the scene to determine the cause of the incident. They have collected 53 pieces of evidence including the two weapons that were used.

The SBI is assisting the Monroe Police Department in the investigation.

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