Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services reminds pet owners to 'Scoop the Poop'

CHARLOTTE, NC (Courtney Cole/WBTV) - Dog park and city park visitors are getting a firm reminder from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Service officials about picking up after their pets.

Throughout the parks, there are now signs with words such as "tapeworm," "parvo," and "parasites," all to remind visitors and dog owners about the dangerous bacteria found in pet waste.

"It is nice to have that awareness and what issues could be caused by waste left out. I hope that it is effective," dog owner Brian Simpson said.

In addition, officials say, the campaign is a reminder that these forms of bacteria can seep into nearby water, especially during heavy rain periods.

"I think more people will be pressured to pick up the dog poop and understand the danger it causes," dog owner Elizabeth Cuttle said.

Aside from the signs, there are also pet bag dispensers and trash cans located throughout the park to again remind people to pick up after their pets.

"It is not that hard to do. You just carry a bag with you," Cuttle said.

The campaign will be continuing throughout the month of April and can be seen at Frazier Dog Park, Freedom Park, Irwin Creek Greenway, and Reedy Creek Dog Park to name a few.

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