New CMS platform allows students, parents and staff to report bullying anonymously

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School (CMS) district launched a new program Friday they hope will help prevent bullying.

The program, part of CMS' initiative encouraging students to "Stand Up and Speak Out," allows students, staff, and the public to report bullying concerns anonymously on an online platform. That platform will be accessible on each school's website and the district's homepage.

"We are absolutely committed to student safety and peace of mind when they're in school," said CMS Superintendent Dr. Clayton Wilcox. "The ability to report without fear of reprisal is an important part of protecting all students and families."

Reports made on the platform will be received by the school's principal or a designee. They will also be sent to John Concelman, the district's bullying-prevention specialist.

"Our experiences in working with students across the district have shown us that students want to stand up and speak out but sometimes are afraid that it will go wrong," Concelman said. "In addition, students and families sometimes don't know who to go to, or fear that reporting will make them a target or be labeled a tattletale."

Anyone with questions about the new platform can contact

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