Sexual harassment accusers speak out about Charlotte yoga owner

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Two former Charlotte Yoga employees spoke about how they say owner Kyle Conti acted inappropriately with them.

The two accusers said they don't think Conti's taking the situation seriously.

Conti has stepped away from the day-to-day business at Charlotte Yoga, and adamantly denies these claims made against him.

The two women spoke with WBTV and gave details of what they say happened.

WBTV also asked Conti's attorney for a response based on their claims.

The attorney said that Conti has many people that would testify on his behalf that he does not engage in the behavior he's being accused of.

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"I was unable to even tell him no or to stop," Ashley Masters said.

Ashley Masters said she was frozen during an encounter she says happened during a class with Charlotte Yoga owner Kyle Conti.

"He pressed himself into me, and he said 'I love being able to put all my weight into you,'" Master said.

She said this happened after she specifically asked not to be touched during a yoga move.

It was the last straw of what she says was two years of inappropriate behavior, working at the studio.

"To have him completely disregard my wishes. It scared me," Masters said

She also claims his conversation with employees, about other employees, was out of place.

"Talking about what he wanted to do with them sexually, talking and bragging about how he had one of the underage staff's 18th birthday on an alarm in his phone," Masters said.

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Another former employee, who now lives out of state and spoke over the phone, says this type of talk wasn't limited to staff, but clients, too.

"I don't even know where to start or end because the entire context of the time I was there was steeped in this sexualization," she said.

She claims while working there, things took a turn for her when Conti followed her into a restroom.

"Stuck his hand down my pants, started kissing my neck," she said.

Conti's attorney spoke in response to these claims.

These accusers add to their story making more outlandish and frankly in my opinion kind of bizarre claims. I think it should be curious to everyone that one or both of these accusers are citing stories never before revealed in any of their filings with the EEOC or otherwise. Mr. Conti denies that he has assaulted anyone, anywhere at any time in a bathroom or otherwise. Mr. Conti denies that he has inappropriately rubbed his body against anyone at any time for any reason. And Mr. Conti denies that he has any alarm on his phone to alert him that anyone is turning 18 or frankly turning any age.

Masters said she filed the claim to keep the business owner accountable and set an example for her own daughters.

"They need to know that when something like that happens, they stand up. They call something out when it's wrong," Master said.

Both women say they were fired after speaking out to Conti.

The claims they filed with the EOCC are under review, according to their lawyer.

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