Donations, calls flow into shelter in reaction to Toby the Cat's viral story

Cat who walked miles to find family who didn't want him goes viral

RALEIGH, NC (WBTV) - It's the story of a cat who walked 12 miles back to his family, just to be rejected when he arrived.

Toby the Cat.

"I can't even get to the front desk because I'm answering calls all day. It's crazy the extent and reach. People call from Canada and Panama, so many people reacting to the story."

It's been the positive part of a sad story, Tara Lynn said.

Toby came to fame when this story went viral. The family who owned Toby didn't want the feline anymore so they gave him away.

Desperate to find them, the cat walked 12 miles to the family who didn't want him.

Tara Lynn is the communications manager at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Wake County.

According to the SPCA, the family wanted to cat put down, but the SPCA is a no-kill shelter and that was out of the question.

Toby has since found his forever home. Many have shared his story, and shared the anger of his horrible tale.

Lynn said sadly, Toby's story isn't that rare.

"I want to remind people Toby's story is not unique.  Many animals are discarded, but unlike Toby, they don't make it back. Please turn over animals to us or your local shelter. Don't leave or abandon it," Lynn said.

On the positive side, Toby's story has inspired people to get involved. Lynn said more people are looking for ways to help their local shelters and rescues.

She said, as a non-profit, the donations have been nice. Not a ton of money, but every dollar helps,

"It's hard to track how much we have had, at least ten specifically calling to donate just because of Toby," Lynn said.

Here's the really sweet part of Toby's story. His new "mom" with his forever family, has started a walk group for the SPCA of Wake County's upcoming walk.

She's already raised $700, but plans to raise $5,000 to help support the work of the SPCA of Wake County.

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