Charlotte prepares for the return of the International Champions Cup

Charlotte prepares for the return of the International Champions Cup

After a year away, an International Champions Cup match will once again be played in Charlotte as Liverpool vs Borussia Dortmund will meet at Bank of America Stadium on July 22nd.

If the crowd is anything like the one at the press conference on Thursday morning, the Queen City is in for wild night of soccer.

There were a lot of Liverpool fans at the presser at Romare Bearden Park and they eventually broke out in song.  They belted out "You will never walk alone" which is a song their fans sing as the team enters the pitch.  It was pretty much a home match for Liverpool at the press as only one Borussia Dortmund fan showed up with his yellow and black jersey.

A legendary player from each team showed up for the presser and they were quite impressed with the turn out of fans at the event.  For Borussia Dortmund, Patrick Owomeyela attended and for Liverpool, Sami Hyppia made the trip to the Queen City.

"For us as Borussia Dortmund, it's special because there's a big German community-- a lot of German owned companies in the area," said Patrick Owomeyela, a Borussia Dortmund legend.  "So that makes us proud to present our colors in Charlotte."

Officials are expecting a sell out crowd at Bank of America Stadium.  The stadium seats close to 75 thousand.

The International Champions Cup played matches in Charlotte from 2014-16 before not coming last year.

The CRVA estimates that past big international soccer matches have pumped $16 million into the Charlotte economy, but these big crowds help on another front as well.

"When we were talking to the folks at MLS, they were impressed with the friendly performance we had in Charlotte particularly the attendance at our events," said Tom Murray who is CEO of the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority.  "Anything that Charlotte can do to send to the soccer world that they love soccer and passionate about it helps us whenever we talk again to the MLS."

The match will also be televised on one of ESPN's family of networks which will put Charlotte on the international stage as well.

"This brings new and different eyes to our community," said Murray.  "The more people we can reach not just from visitors, but also people who watch it on TV and read about it in the papers and understand what Charlotte is all about is really important to us."

Tickets for the match go on sale May 1st.

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