Council members respond to peer's questioning authenticity of 9-11 on Facebook post

Council members respond to peer's questioning authenticity of 9-11 on Facebook post

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The conspiracy theory connected to 9-11 involving Charlotte City councilwoman LaWana Mayfield is propelling Charlotte into the national spotlight.

In the lobby of the Government Center is a glass cover showcasing what many call a cherished piece of American history.

Charred steel and a poignant photograph are the visual artifacts that are connected to the events of an unforgettable day known as September 11th.

Dave Wines worked security at the time of the attack handling correspondence for Merrill Lynch going back and forth to the Twin Towers and says he still feels the stress.

"I have suffered PTSD because of what I went through and I have friends that are NYPD and NYFD and are deeply [affected] the same," Wines said.

Wines calls Mayfield's analysis disrespectful.

"Make sure that you choose words that are sweet because you may have to turn around and eat them," he said.

Mayfield put strong opinionated words on Facebook describing herself as a conspiracy theorist.

"I am still waiting for someone to produce pieces of the planes that opened the doors for US Citizens to lose all privacy rights," Mayfield said in a post on Facebook.

Braxton Winston was one of the few council members who weighed in.

"My father is a New York city fireman. My family was deeply affected by 9-11 so I know there always will be questions and comments about the events that surround it," Winston told reporters.

"We have a lot of critical and challenging work on our plate right now, and I don't have a spare second to be distracted with things that don't make sense.
Those connected to the attack see it this way," council member Tariq Bokhari said on social media.

One online petition has attracted more than 500 signatures calling for Mayfield to resign.

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