Lake Hickory water levels low while Duke works on dam

HICKORY, NC (WBTV) - People driving by Lake Hickory these days may be wondering what's happened to the water. The level of appears way down in spots.

It's not happening because of any drought - rather it's a planned event.

Duke Energy is working on the Oxford dam downstream. To do it, they needed to drop the lake levels by a few feet. It has left some boats high and dry, and many coves with no water at all.

Officials are hoping they can get the dam work done by the end of April and start filling the lake back up. They expect the refill operations to only take a week or two at most.

Fisherman and boaters are hoping that's the case.

With warmer weather coming and especially summer, Lake Hickory will be very busy before too long if the water levels are up.

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