Feeling afraid to fly? Compare risk statistics to other things you do

Feeling afraid to fly? Compare risk statistics to other things you do
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GREENVILLE, S.C (WYFF) - A recent fatal commercial airline incident and reports about problems with a budget airline may have left you feeling like flying isn't a safe thing to do. But according to statistics, you are a lot safer in an aircraft than in a lot of other situations.

The National Safety Council estimated the lifetime odds of death from various selected causes in the United States using data from National Center for Health Statistics.

Not surprisingly, the most common cause of death in the U.S. is heart disease, with 1 in 6 people dying from the quiet killer. The other top killers and their odds are cancer (1 in 7), chronic respiratory disease (1 in 27) and suicide (1 in 91).

Also not surprisingly, death in a motor vehicle crash is in fifth place, with one person in every 102 killed on the roads.

You avoid some killers, such as opioids, that kill one out of 109 -- but nearly as many people, one out of 119, die because of falls.

Death caused by gun assaults came in eighth, causing one out of 285 deaths.

Rounding out the top 10 causes of death were pedestrian accidents (1 in 561) and motorcycle accidents (1 in 846).

As far of the fear of flying goes, statistics show that the lifetime risk of dying as a passenger on an airplane is one in 205,552. You are more likely to die from being attacked by a dog (1 in 132,614), struck by lightning (1 in 114,195) or of bee stings (1 in 54,316) than you are of dying in an airplane.

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