Everyone's grandmother dies

Known as everyone's grandmother, former first lady Barbara Bush died tonight at age 92. Her no-nonsense and outspoken style made her more popular than at times than her husband, George H.W. Bush.  They were married 73 years.  She was also the mother to another president, George W. Bush.   We're told she passed peacefully.

Tonight, we've obtained video from inside Lee Correctional prison during a fight where seven inmates were killed.  It shows men walking around with knives and one man wounded and smeared with blood.

We're also finding new information about the Southwest Airlines flight that ditched in Philadelphia after an engine blew up and knocked out a window.  One woman was nearly sucked out due to decompression.  She was take to the hospital but died there.

17 dogs at the Anson County Animal Shelter have been euthanized after a distemper outbreak. Reporter Alex Giles has the story as the shelter awaits test results on more dogs.

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