Charlotte City Council member questions 9-11, asking about 'alleged plane' on Facebook

CHARLOTTE, NC (Steve Harrison/The Charlotte Observer) - Charlotte City Council Member LaWana Mayfield questioned whether the 9-11 terrorist attacks were real in a social media post Monday, saying she is "still waiting for someone to produce pieces of the alleged plane."

Mayfield, a Democrat who represents west Charlotte, linked to an article on the website that stated: "It's Official: European Scientific Journal Concludes 9/11 Was A Controlled Demolition."

The first sentence of the article states, "Ever since the moment that the towers fell, people have been saying that it was a controlled demolition. Now we might have academic evidence to prove the theory as fact!"

In her link to the article, Mayfield stated, "I am still waiting for someone to produce pieces of the alleged plane that opened the doors for US Citizens to loose all privacy rights (from the conspiracy theorist in me)."

Her post drew a handful of comments.

Janice Covington Allison, a Democratic activist, wrote, "Not worth a comment." Another woman, Roberta Dunn, asked, "Is this a flat earth statement?"

Mayfield couldn't be reached by The Observer Tuesday afternoon. In an interview with WFAE, she said she created the post to make a point.

"I believe this nation chose to take a horrific act and use it to not only create a way through government to spy on the American people, but also to privatize a lot of the work that is happening on the ground," Mayfield told WFAE.

Mayfield was first elected to the District 3 seat in 2011.

Last month, Mayfield sent a tweet that suggested a candidate for public office had posted photos of his genitals on Grindr, a cellphone dating app for gay men.

"Question for You all. When candidates and those that are extremely judgmental have a @Grindr page with pictures of their private parts should that be fair game? BTW #grindr is a same-sex site #knowwhoyoumaybevoting4."

Mayfield said she wasn't talking about anyone in particular. She said she was upset at what she believes are hypocritical public officials, and that the tweet was hypothetical.