Storm cleanup underway in Lake Wylie, NWS expected to survey area

(Ben Williamson | WBTV)
(Ben Williamson | WBTV)

LAKE WYLIE, SC (WBTV) - Residents in the Timberlake neighborhood in Lake Wylie spent Monday cleaning up after Sunday's storms.

"Debris everywhere and damage everywhere," said Lewis Gomez, who lives in the neighborhood. "We have had high winds through here before, but nothing like this."

The National Weather Service is scheduled to survey the site off of Highway 55 late Monday or early Tuesday, but residents are already convinced it was a tornado.

"I looked outside to see what was going on and then I see this tree across the street coming down," said Donnye Clinkseales. "It sounded like a train, but more like a high whistling sound."

Cynthia Lak's home was blown off its foundation and is now no longer safe to live in.

"The noise was petrifying. It felt like the house was falling down," said Lak. "It was like the roof was falling in on me. They asked me if they heard a whistle, but it was just so loud."

Lak has been told it could be between seven and nine months before she can move back into her home.

"Not being able to stay in your home and worrying that your stuff is going to fall down and ruin your stuff is not a good thing," said Lak.

Residents spent much of Monday putting tarps on roofs, clearing debris, and cutting up large trees.

"When I got up, all my patio furniture and my grill was spinning in the air and everything in the back was just spinning," said Gomez. "We just prayed and got ourselves in the laundry room."

Several homes had panels blow off and more than a half a dozen had broken patio furniture, fences, and yard equipment.

"We just couldn't believe all the damage done to all the houses," said Gomez.

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