Calf born during violent Huntersville storm expected to survive

(Kristen Hampton | WBTV)
(Kristen Hampton | WBTV)

HUNTERSVILLE, NC (WBTV) - It wasn't just a rough night for Madeline and Danny Phillips, it was also a pretty crazy time for one of their cows too.

The West Huntersville couple owns a farm off of Beatties Ford Road. Sunday afternoon, violent winds demolished several structures on their property, including several barns. After the storm died down, Madeline Phillips went out to survey the damage and found that Mother Nature doesn't wait.

"I came around the corner and I saw the feet out of the mama and I thought, 'You've got to be kidding me', Phillips said, "But that's kind of our luck around here. When it rains, it really does pour."

Making their way through downed trees and around power lines, neighbors came from far and wide to help the Phillips family birth their new calf.

"She was having problems delivering so we just 'pulled the calf'," said David Beard, a friend who helped deliver the calf.

Concern grew overnight as the baby cow wasn't taking milk from the mother. But neighbors came through again and provided colostrum for the baby, which is essential in the baby's first days.

"We got about a third of a bottle in it and figured it must have also nursed overnight to be as strong as it is now," Madeline said.

Amidst the widespread field of chaos and scattered buildings, one building is still standing, and inside of it is a little miracle.

After posting the photo of the newborn calf on Facebook, the Phillips' didn't have much choice in naming the baby. An overwhelming number of people voted its name should be "Stormy."

Stormy is expected to be ok, despite being born into such chaos.

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