CMS announces bus stop changes two weeks after student killed

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) announced Friday that changes were coming to some bus stops after a student was recently struck and killed while trying to catch a bus.

The announcement comes just over two weeks after 15-year-old Olympic High School student Zoe Alana Deen was killed. Deen reportedly missed the bus and was running to catch it when she was struck near the intersection of Youngblood Road and Buckthorne Ridge Lane.

After the fatal incident, many people spoke out about bus stop safety in Charlotte. A town hall meeting was held just days later to address the issue.

CMS said the changes were being made based on an internal review as well as requests for the changes.

School bus safety is extremely important to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. The CMS transportation office works diligently to provide safe transportation for more than 127,000 students who ride school buses daily. After internal review and in response to requests for bus stop changes around the location of the recent tragic event on Youngblood Road, CMS Transportation has taken the following steps to protect safety of students:

After the changes, no student should have to cross a road to get to their bus.

Since the accident, Zihara Espinal, who has a child of her own, has seen a difference in her neighborhood. In conjunction with CMS, according to Espinal drivers have also made changes.

"I've seen people slow down a bit which is good, but then how long is it going to last," said Espinal.

"It's sad that the change had to happen after something tragic, but its a good thing at least its happening, you know?"

Parents like Espinal believe the new stops will help, but are looking for more changes in hopes of keeping kids safe. Some are starting to ask for flashing speed limit signs in their neighborhoods.

"So then you're like oh crap I am going a  lot faster than I think, you know?"

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