Former Charlotte Yoga employees claim owner's social media made joke of sexual harassment claims

Screengrab from Instagram
Screengrab from Instagram

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Two women say they were sexually harassed by their employer while working at a popular yoga studio and they claim the employer is not taking their claims seriously.

These women accuse Charlotte Yoga owner Kyle Conti of posting photos to his Instagram "story" the morning before an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission hearing about their claims.

Clothed in a towel, posing at a mirror, Conti writes, "When your integrity is questioned & you get the opportunity today to look your accuser in the eyes you wake up at 4 am so excited for that moment..."

"It's basically just flipping us off," the women's attorney, Meg Maloney, says. "That's how I felt."

Maloney says the screen-grabs were sent to her clients in the middle of the hearing. That is when they decided to walk out.

"One of them was so upset that she was shaking and crying," she says.

The photos go on to show Conti asking for fashion feedback, "tie or no tie." Then, a snapshot of his attorney's office, writing, "let's do this."

"It was so, incredibly, arrogant," Maloney says.

Maloney's clients claim Conti "created a hostile work environment at Charlotte Yoga based on sex," and that he made inappropriate sexual comments, gestures, and touched women inappropriately.

Charlotte Yoga directed WBTV to Conti's lawyer Tuesday, who emailed, saying in part, "Mr. Conti adamantly denies the allegations made against him…if a lawsuit is filed, we will respond in the proper course."

Maloney says her clients feel they need to take action for those still at the studio.

"Until people start taking this stuff seriously, it's just going to be treated as a joke," she says.

According to Maloney, there will now be an investigation through the EEOD, then the possibility of legal action.

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