Gaston County police want to use your surveillance video to help solve crime in new program

(Bria Bell | WBTV)
(Bria Bell | WBTV)

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Solving crimes may be a little bit easier for the Gaston County Police Department and it all starts with your home surveillance video.

In a time where police departments sometimes struggle to keep resources, officials in Gaston County are getting help to keep crime off the streets at no cost to the department or tax payers.

In a new program the department has started called CAPTURE, investigators are asking that you register your home camera system with the department. So if there is crime close to your home, officers know they may be able to use your surveillance footage.

Ginna Farris has lived in Gaston County her whole life. She has a family to protect inside her Bessemer City home and feels her two golden retrieves who stand as guard dogs are necessary.

"They wouldn't hurt a flea as long as I'm out here. When I'm not here their hair goes up and if its a squirrel, they're going to get them," Farris said.

As an added layer of protection Farris has another tool to make sure she's safe - her home surveillance system. The system catches different angles around her home which is something the Gaston County Police Department wants to have access to. Officials believe it'll help officers find and put the bad guys behind bars.

"It's a free service, it doesn't cost them anything, it doesn't cost us anything," Captain Brent Roberts of the Gaston Police Department said.

All you have to do is register with the department, letting officials know your home is set up to catch what's happening on the streets near you.

Farris hasn't signed up yet, but after learning about CAPTURE she says she's on board.

"I love to know that I can help anybody that's up to no good whether that's my house or a neighbor's house," Farris said.

Investigators already look to businesses for help in solving their cases, but with CAPTURE it takes fighting crime to another level and could better protect neighborhoods, which makes people like Farris feel a whole lot safer as eyes are potentially everywhere.

To register your home surveillance click here.

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