'New information' surfaces in 34-year-old Salisbury homicide case

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - There is new information in the case of the killing of Reesa Dawn Trexler, investigators with the Salisbury Police Department confirmed Tuesday.

Trexler was found stabbed to death in her grandparent's home on N. Shaver Street on July 15, 1984.

"She was a warm soul and I truly believe that this world has truly missed out on not having her here," said Reesa's best friend, Beth Davis.  "I would love for Reesa's killer to be found.  I think that her justice is way overdue, I think the community needs to put this to rest."

No one has ever been charged in the case, but that doesn't mean investigators have stopped working on it.

"The case has always been an open case," said Lt. Greg Beam. "We continue to look at it as we have new leads to come in."

The case has gotten a new look due in part to a social media page created by Davis, and to an episode of the Dr. Phil Show in which Trexler's sister appeared.

Jodie Trexler Laird successfully passed a polygraph exam on the show when asked about the murder.

"At the moment, I would just like to say that I have always wanted a way to prove to everyone that I didn't kill my sister," Laird told WBTV.  "Until the Dr. Phil show I never had an opportunity. I am very grateful to the show and the outcome of the show."

"We have had several calls on this," Beam added.  "A lot of the calls we've had haven't panned out but there is some new information that we are looking into."

Police urge anyone with information on the case to call 704-638-5333 and ask for Detective Sgt. Shulenburger.

Tips may be submitted online: http://tips.salisburyrowancrimestoppers.org/.

Tips may also be given to Salisbury-Rowan Crime Stoppers at 1-866-639-5245.

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