South End's changing face under review by Charlotte City Council

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - At tonight's Charlotte City Council meeting, residents will speak out on the future of South End.

City council will address questions over growth, transportation and retail.

Along several streets including South Tryon Street and South Boulevard, towering expansion characterizes South End's ever evolving personality.

The development in the area is fueled by the popularity of the city's light rail and has led to a housing boom.

With growth all around, how do long time establishments maintain their places in an environment that's defined as being renewed?

Pamela Dizes has worked at Mr. K's on South Boulevard for decades.

"We've seen a development, a lot of change in the neighborhood," Dizes said.

Her father, Theodore Karres, opened Mr. K's back in 1967.

"It is a little difficult, when you have a lot of things coming up around you," Dizes added

Face lifts and make overs are normal in places hitting the reset button and Atherton Mill is an example of such.

That's where Morgan Rhodes manages the clothing outlet Free People and says this part of town has become a destination location.

"It attracts different kinds of consumers. We get people from out of state all the time that come in to shop specifically," Rhodes said.

The vision plan for South End is being backed by Center City Partners.

Megan Gude of Center City Partners says meaningful change doesn't mean sweeping out much the old.

"Is it change the community really wants to see, and how do we make sure when there are things that are really important to people in the community, how does the city really have the right tools. To make sure we can keep those things?" Gude said.

That question also raises the issue about how long time enterprises succeed in an environment with many moving parts.

Council will first hear from residents and then a prepared study by Center City Partners.

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