Facebook plans to alert 87 million users if their data was harvested

Facebook changing privacy settings

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - For several now, the Facebook data scandal has been in the news, with the revelation that voter profiling company, Cambridge Analytica, was harvesting users' personal Facebook data and those of their friends without permission.

So how did this happen?

It was through a specific app that allows you to log in using your Facebook login and password. Well just about every app gives you that option now – and effectively you're approving third party software to access you and your friends data.

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In this latest leak, 87 million Facebook users have been impacted. On Monday, Facebook is expected to notify those users who are affected, so chances are you're one of them.

You'll see a notification at the top of your news feed which include information on which apps are connected to your Facebook account and what information those apps are permitted to see.

First, go to your Facebook feed. If you have been impacted by the Cambridge Analytica data leak then there will be a notification at the top of your feed alerting you to three things:

  • Which apps are connected to your Facebook feed
  • What information those apps are permitted to see
  • If your among the people whose personal info has been improperly shared

If you don't see an alert but still want to restrict your privacy settings then here's how!

First, log into Facebook and go to Settings. Now, you'll see a menu on the left with the option "Apps and Websites" - you'll want to click on that.

From there, it's going to show you the specific apps that are accessing your Facebook data and information. Each app has an edit option and you'll see a pencil icon next to each app to edit the settings.

Scroll your mouse over the icon and click. A box will open that shows you what Facebook info you are sharing with these apps. There you can see whether the app is sharing not only your name and profile picture but also your birthday, hometown, your friends list and your email address.

You can uncheck the options or just remove the entire app so none of your Facebook info is shared at all.

According to CNN Tech online, even if you disable the app they could still have your shared information. You'll have to contact the app individually to make the request to remove your Facebook data from its records.

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