South Carolina congressman pulls out gun at constituent meeting

South Carolina congressman pulls out gun at constituent meeting

ROCK HILL, SC (WBTV) - South Carolina Republican U.S. Representative Ralph Norman pulled out his own loaded handgun during a meeting with constituents in Rock Hill Friday to make a point about the debate over guns in America, according to the Associated Press.

Norman reportedly pulled out his loaded, personal .38-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun Friday and laid it on the table at a diner where he was meeting with his constituents in Rock Hill, per CNN.

Norman released a statement about the incident Friday.

"I firmly believe in the Second Amendment and I am a concealed carry permit holder. Today, I was asked about gun control by a group of organized anti-gun activists, and to answer their question, I merely proved a point that guns themselves are not the issue," Norman said.

Norman continued the statement by reinforcing the purpose of his actions and relaying the message of what he believes are the real driving forces behind the current gun debate in America.

"Given the scenario that if someone had walked into that diner and began to fire a weapon, I told them I would be able to defend myself and them as well," Norman said. "Mental health, and more importantly, a lack of morality is the driving force behind this epidemic. Guns are not the problem."

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