Paintball street shooting in Gaston Co happens after similar incident in Charlotte

Paintball street shooting in Gaston Co happens after similar incident in Charlotte
(Bria Bell | WBTV)

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Police in Charlotte and Gastonia are dealing with two separate incidents involving paintball guns.

A shootout between people in two vehicles in southwest Charlotte led to arrests and citations for six people, and in Gastonia, a woman was randomly shot in the neck while she was driving around town.

Paintball guns may not be deadly, but they can still cause serious injury. Haley, who has asked WBTV not to use her last name, was not playing paintball - she was in the car driving home on N. Hope Road in Gastonia when she was blasted by a blue pellet.

"I felt like I got shot," the 21-year-old said. "Driving down the road you really don't expect to be hit with anything."

She says it wasn't until she got to the hospital when doctors told her she would be OK and that she had been shot by a paintball gun. But Haley's situation isn't the first for the area, as her terrifying experience comes days after another street paintball shootout happened in south Charlotte.

Four people were arrested after that incident. It's a situation Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney frowns upon.

"You're disrupting traffic, I think there are other outlets people should pursue. I don't think this is a very responsible," Chief Putney said.

With all the talk of paintball attacks, the paintball community who is also fearful. Harrison Camp, manager at Paintball Central in Matthews, believes the sport will be put in a bad light because of it.

"It's devastating because paintball is a sport that many people love," Camp says.

The managers at Paintball Central encourage you to only practice paintball at designated locations.

Protective gear is a must even when you're playing for recreation. Even then you still could walk away with some bumps or bruises, so you can only imagine the pain of being hit by a paintball pellet without it.

"It hit me right in the neck, it didn't miss me at all, I definitely felt like I got shot," Haley recalled.

Gastonia police are still looking for the person responsible for shooting Haley.

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