Caught at the crossroads of progress and pain: Lynx Gold Line bringing headaches

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Green and yellow moving rail cars demonstrate progress in a growing city, but as expansion of the Lynx Gold Line goes west, pain is a given for local businesses.

China White is a hair stylist at Charley's Angels Beauty Bar on West Trade Street in Charlotte's Mosiac Village. Changes she and her colleagues see at the complex bring hardship that's also endured by clients.

"It's less traffic coming through here, because they can't get to us," White said. "A lot of our clients have had issues trying to get to us and getting away from us."

Less traffic - on four wheels and two feet - is a reality at Gateway Village near Johnson and Wales University. Having parts of Trade Street ripped apart also makes it tough for food truck vendors who have to navigate and negotiate for a prime parking spot.

Jeremy Waterman is a food truck operator that's dealing with some of the difficulty.

"Last week we weren't able to do our shift. It definitely has slowed down foot traffic as well," Waterman said.

Survivors of this kind of progress can be found at what's near the end of the line along Elizabeth Avenue. Before cars started rolling, ribbons of steel were put in the ground, taken out, and replaced a second time.

Bonnie Warford of Carpe Diem had a suggestion for business operators at the other end of the line.

"You're just gonna have to take a hard look at your business and see where you can make things leaner to survive it," she said.

Back at the Mosiac Village, White isn't sold on the idea that things will turn around along the stretch once the steel wheels are in motion.

"For us and our business, I just don't see it," White said.

City officials have posted signs and alerted business owners that this phase should be completed in early October.

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