Siblings separated by adoption reunited at Carowinds

Siblings separated by adoption reunited
(Photo courtesy Dana McCallum)
(Photo courtesy Dana McCallum)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - More than seven years ago, three siblings were separated by adoption and moved to new families that lived more than 500 miles apart.

Ryan went to his new home in Ohio, while his younger siblings Kenzie and DJ went to live in Myrtle Beach, SC. The adoption process meant the end of a traumatic childhood and the beginning of wonderful new lives for the three kids.

But a few years ago, they started asking their adoptive parents about a reunion.

"We decided we needed to find their older brother," said Kenzie and DJ's adoptive mother, Dana McCallum. "Once you're adopted out to a new family, often names are changed, the process is not very easy."

Through an exhaustive Facebook search, Dana was able to track down Ryan's family in Ohio and contacted them about possibly reuniting the three siblings.

"I went in and started typing to a gentleman and he answered 'yes,'" McCallum said.

Ryan's adoptive father agreed to bring his son down to Carowinds. Dana and her husband drove from Myrtle Beach with DJ and Kenzie.

On Monday, the siblings saw each other for the first time in more than seven years.

McCallum caught their reunion on camera. She apologizes for the poor quality and said it was a very emotional moment for both families.

"I was calm - and then I saw him," Kenzie McCallum said, "Then I just jumped out of the truck and ran to him."

Since arriving on Monday, the two families have spent their time getting to know one another and, according to Dana, becoming one larger family. The kids have enjoyed riding every ride multiple times and re-establishing their bonds.

"We plan on making this a yearly thing," McCallum said, noting that seeing her kids so happy is worth its weight in gold. "You couldn't have paid a million dollars for that one image of them coming back together."

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