Change in plan for Dean & Deluca: 1 location in Charlotte now open, but ...

CHARLOTTE, NC (Kathleen Purvis/Charlotte Observer) - After confirming Thursday that all three locations of Dean & Deluca have closed, a spokesperson for the company reported Friday morning that one location will remain open until next week.

While the Phillips Place and Stonecrest at Piper Glen locations are closed, the uptown satellite location at 201 S. Tryon St. closed briefly Thursday afternoon, then reopened and is expected to close sometime next week.

Jee Park, a spokesperson for Dean & Deluca's corporate office, confirmed that all the Charlotte locations are closing.

A manager at the South Tryon location had confirmed Thursday that the store would be closed after 2 p.m. On Friday morning, another employee at the store said the store had reopened and that workers had not been told when it would close.

"There are a lot of moving pieces here," Park said when asked about the confusion over which stores are open and when they will be closed. Because there are a number of employees and the stores contain products and equipment that have to be dealt with, the arrangements for closing the stores have changed quickly, she said.

Park also said that a legal action has been started over the closing of the Phillips Place flagship location, but she would not confirm what the action would involve.

The first news of Dean & Deluca's closing in Charlotte came Monday, when Phillips Place Partners placed a notice on the doors of the Fairview Road location: "Notice of Taking Possession." The note included this: "The tenant has defaulted under the provisions of the lease by, including without limitations, failing to make the monthly rental payments when due."

Jay Kanik, the regional property manager for Regency, a partner in the ownership of Phillips Place, told The Observer that the Phillips Place store was closed and added, "We hope that resolves shortly," but would not comment at the time on whether the store was likely to reopen.

On Thursday night, asked about the closing, Park provided this statement:

"We have taken the difficult decision to close our Stonecrest and Tryon locations due to the situation which originated with the unanticipated closure of our Phillip's (sic) Place location. Closing a store is always a difficult decision, because of the impact on our customers, associates, and the community."