Homeless pig no one wanted is auctioned off in NC. Now, 'he's going to be a star.'

Homeless pig no one wanted is auctioned off in NC. Now, 'he's going to be a star.'
Sir Oinksalot on one of his many bad hair days at the shelter. He was up for auction this week and the result is surprising. (Credit: Brunswick County Sheriff's Office)

CHARLOTTE, NC (Mark Price/The Charlotte Observer) - Sir Oinksalot had a lot working against him, being both homeless and a pig.

So it was a sad affair when he wound up an inmate at the Brunswick County Animal Protective Services shelter in eastern North Carolina.

Photos posted on Facebook of the black-haired Oinksalot defied words like "cute" and "cuddly," showing him to be in perpetual need of a both a bath and a comb.

It was no surprise then that he went unclaimed for weeks, resulting in the 150-pound pig being declared "abandoned property" and put up auction Thursday. Some commenters on social media feared that meant Sir Oinksalot (a name the shelter came up with) would end up as bacon and pork chops.

The end of this pig's tale is not what one might expect, however.

While the starting bid was a sad $20, the pig nobody wanted eventually sold for $300 to the Cape Fear Fair and Expo to be used as a promotional attraction.

Yes, 5-year-old Sir Oinksalot is going to be a celebrity spokespig.

Expo manager Skip Watkins, who purchased the pot-bellied pig on behalf of the fair, told the Wilmington Star that Sir Oinksalot will not only get a permanent home, but he'll have a prime spot in the fair's livestock exhibit come October.

"We don't have all the details worked out yet, but we will be integrating him into the public, he will be making public appearances," Watkins told the Star. "He's going to be a star at the fair."

In announcing its purchase, the Expo posted Sir Oinksalot's photo on its Facebook page, welcomed him to the county fair and asked: "Who can resist such a handsome gentleman?"

What a difference a day can make.