Planning a vacation? Don't forget to pack these emergency tools

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Is your family planning on taking a vacation this summer? Risk Management experts say there are a few safety items travelers may want to consider packing that could save their lives.

"Carbon monoxide detector is very portable its really about the size of your hand so you can just throw that in your luggage and take it with you," said Charlotte Fire Department Battalion Chief Rob Cannon. "They're battery operated and you can just plug them in. So you'd have your own and you'd know that it's working."

In March, a family of four died inside a rented condo in Mexico after breathing in poisonous gas.

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In 2013, several people including an 11-year-old boy died from carbon monoxide poisoning inside a Boone hotel.

If possible, travelers should also consider packing their own fire extinguishers, according to Cannon.

Cannon said if travelers can't take their own emergency tools such as a carbon monoxide detector or a smoke alarm than another option is checking to make sure those tools work where they're staying.

He also suggests that families create an emergency plan to find the quickest way out of a vacation property in case a fire or other emergency situation arises.

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