911 call details scene of Gaston County double homicide, victims identified

GASTON COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - A man and woman who were found dead inside a home in Gaston County Wednesday afternoon have been identified.

The woman was identified as 68-year-old Brenda Campbell Henson and the man was identified as 47-year-old Robert Bryan Metcalfe.

According to Gastonia police, Henson and Metcalfe were both found dead inside a home on Mary Avenue around 4:16 p.m.

A woman, who identified herself as Henson's daughter, called 911, saying she found her mom inside.

"I think my mom and somebody else is dead in the living room," the woman said.

The woman said she was there to pick her mom up for her doctor's appointment and the front door was unlocked, so she went in.

"There's somebody laying in the floor and my mom is cold and I think, I think she's dead - I think they both are," the woman said.

She said her mom was on the couch.

"I can't go in - I'm sitting out here with the kids." The woman said she went in to see if her mom was awake but she had to go back outside to the children.

"The guy is on the floor and he has blood on his back. My mom has blood on her neck," the woman said.

The woman told dispatch she didn't know who the man was.

Starlene Wease lives two doors down.

"It's devastating, she said. It is devastating. It's bad. She never bothered nobody. She was a good person."

One relative said the two victims were brutally stabbed, and family members were there to clean up what could be called a messy crime scene.

Valerie Spence lives next door to the homicide scene.

"It's a shocking thing what happened to her," Spence said.

With no suspects in custody, finding normalcy is a difficult task for a community after a violent crime happens.

In the case of Brenda Henson, neighbors are shaking their heads, because they describe her as peaceful and as a woman who stayed to herself.

"She stayed at home. She wasn't in real good shape. She didn't deserve what ever happened up there," Wease said.

According to the Gastonia Police Department, It's the city's first homicide of the year.

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