Mecklenburg Co. woman concerned sinkhole will spread to the street

(Amanda Foster | WBTV)
(Amanda Foster | WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A 74-year-old woman living on Woodlawn Farm Drive says she feels abandoned by Mecklenburg county.

A county drain running through her yard is causing sinkholes and she is worried they will spread to the street.

"It is so immense now, it's scary," she says of the current large hole near her back fence.

Karin Weber says the battle with her backyard storm water drain has gone on for years.

"It's made it too low to go in that storm drain. It doesn't work anymore," she says.

The county has an easement through her yard for the drain. She says crews came out to fix it years ago, but now things are a lot worse.

"That's all hollowed out underneath. If I was to walk on that, it may cave in, it may not," her friend and handyman John Lilly says.

Lilly is concerned about the danger this now growing sinkhole is causing in his friend's yard.

"This is an overhang. If that wasn't there, you could drop a Volkswagen in there," he says, pointing next to the hole opening.

The county says the drain belongs to them, but, "the storm water is private storm water…coming from private property." They have told the pair they will not come out to fix it, this time.

"I'm worried about the hole getting bigger and causing more holes, on the way to the street," Weber says.

The county told WBTV Wednesday, they investigated this sinkhole back in June, but they now tell our reporter, they are going to follow up again over the weekend.

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