Crime Stoppers: Robber accused of using plan B after denied cash

Crime Stoppers: Robber accused of using plan B after denied cash

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A crook tries to rob a Family Dollar store, but when the cashier wouldn't hand over money, the bad guy reverted to a plan "B."

On Easter Sunday at 5:00 p.m., the Family Dollar on University City Boulevard was busy.

"Lots of people, I mean, this store was pretty packed," said CMPD Detective Brandon Miller.

So packed, that few took notice of the young man in the gray hoodie and camouflage pants.

"He was waiting inside the store. There were times he would just hang around the front register then walked round in the aisles as if he was actually shopping," Miller said.

When the front register finally cleared of shoppers, he made his move.

"He demands money at first, then when the cashier tells him he can't give him anything, that's when he pulls out a gun with his left hand and demands a carton of cigarettes from the cashier."

It appears this crook had a plan "B", demanding cigarettes if he couldn't get the cash.

"This lets us know this guy planned this out pretty good. The whole time of coming in and walking around the store, concealing his face from all the cameras, up to the point where he didn't get any cash, but he got cigarette cartons," Miller added.

What he didn't take into account on his way out, was a hidden camera.

"As he's leaving, we get a very good shot of his face, he did a good job of hiding himself from all the cameras he knew of inside the store, but he didn't realize there was one more camera at the exit door that catches people's faces as they leave.

Police think he got away with four or five cartons of smokes.

He's young, possibly in his 20's with a possible tattoo or birthmark on his face. Call 704-334-1600 if you know him or know something about this crime and earn yourself a reward without leaving your name.

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