WBTV security expert discusses YouTube shooting

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Once again, the country witnessed innocent people being shuffled out of a building, confused about what had taken place.

Police say a woman went into the YouTube headquarters and opened fired, injuring three people before killing herself. Police say it appears to be domestic related.

"No one should accept this as this is just the way it is, or this is our new life," said WBTV Security Expert, Karl de la Guerra. "The entire security protocol that is in place at YouTube headquarters is going to come under great scrutiny."

Karl de la Guerra says as the country witnesses more of these types of shootings, law enforcement is learning.

"As law enforcement becomes more and more proficient at it we are seeing more success on thorough evacuations like we saw today," he said.

De la Guerra says it is also an important reminder for companies and businesses to review their security protocol and train for instances like this.

You do not want first responders, facility security and staff meeting for the first time at the moment of a bad incident. Have your security be layered, it does not need to begin at the office door. It needs to begin at the property line and then work in," he said.

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