NoDa families unite to fight dangerous intersection

(Amanda Foster | WBTV)
(Amanda Foster | WBTV)

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Families in Charlotte's NoDa neighborhood are both concerned for their safety and frustrated with the city.

The busy intersection of Matheson Avenue and Clemson Avenue, they say, has proven to be dangerous.

Now, they are uniting and hoping to see results.

"To make this safer for our families," neighbor Chris Davis says.

The intersection is still littered with damage and debris from the last wreck that happened there a few weeks ago. Just weeks before that, there was another one, that reportedly killed a 22-year-old.

Davis lives at the intersection and walks the spot with his kids daily.

"Cars might be going by 60 miles per hour a foot or two from you, and so it's kind of harrowing," he says.

Tuesday, he and other neighbors brought their concern to the neighborhood association meeting.

"We're trying to show a group effort like the whole community is concerned with it," Sarah Moss, who also lives at the intersection said.

The pair spent time pitching for the association to write a unified letter to the city. People in the crowd say several of them have tried already on their own.

"Every answer I get back from the city is, 'We'll look into it,' or, 'Let me kick you to this other person,'" one neighbor said at the meeting.

Larken Egleston who stood inside the meeting Tuesday night says their voices, together, are heard.

"The neighbors have clearly identified what the problem is," he says. "We need to go back to CDOT and say, 'Help us find a solution for this problem.'"

Egleston says he would like to arrange for a meeting with Charlotte Department of Transportation and these neighbors to begin a resolution. Neighbors say this particular intersection is far from the only road concern they have for the neighborhood.

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